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My student life in Nigeria

Sep 25 09:23 AM

How would my student life in Adamawa State University be? I never thought of this question in my primary and secondary level education. But for the time being this is what my student life have been since I joined Adamawa State University. It has been more interesting with highs and lows, making a lot of friends and more so having a girlfriend in my first time. There are various statements I would use to explain how my life as a student has been in Nigeria. Many colleagues could relate to this; however there is what I understand of how my student life was.

First time

On the first time of having the literature lecture we were to write on an article entitled, “howdo you think your  student life will be?”this title appeared quite interesting to me since it was the first time to meet a title like it. This made me remind on the Darwin theories on human kind origin. I really wondered whether I could get the exact meaning of the title ”how do you think your student life will be”.

Using Auto ethnography I am looking towards writing the article “how was my student life in Nigeria?”this paper had to be narrative, which seemed cool to write on. I wanted to be the best and prove to MR. Uche that I was the best student in his class. I commemorate the feeling vividly. Part of who I am today is because of my student life which happened in my days in Adamawa State University five years ago. I cherish all the moments in my student life in the Campus especially with my friends. 

Life was very simple in my first year in the university. I usually had fun with my naïve roommates. This makes feel like I am a very friendly person. It began on a cold day at our hostel. My roommate Kano and I were all dancing the load music amplified by our sub-woofer. It was on a Friday evening where the weather was just perfect. Kano and I were inside since we never liked going outside to bashes due to the cold weather of the area. We were dancing happily enjoying the moment.

Looking behind I can see why I commemorate this particular day. Kano is now dead of lung cancer and is first anniversary is around the corner. This day have been coming to my mind lately following the sudden demise of my most cherished friend Kano. This story not only reminds me of my lovely friend but it also has the friendship sense which I dearly miss. I look back on those times when life was interesting. We made our life so exciting and never worried of anything. Truly the reality of life is not evident in such early stages.

In my second year, I and Kano got a room outside the university premises. The population of the students was far more than the available accommodation so we had to sort out ourselves. Kano was introverted. He liked staying alone in the room enjoying the silences of the room. But he always liked cooking delicious meals we could eat. His speciality was cornbread especially in the mornings before proceeding to our designated lecture rooms. However, he had this bad habit which I usually warned him to quite to no avail. Before proceeding to our lectures he would smoke. Now that he has left this cruel world,writing a story involving him brings his memories back.

Kano had a huge impact in my student life. He was the friend I cherished the most since I counted him in most of the times when I was in trouble. I remember the day he saved me from the wrath of this comrade (Chinedu), who he owed me 2000 naira. He paid the amount for me since I was very broke that particular semester. He also had the tendency of reminding me of my birthday.

He would even volunteer and make me delicious meals in my birthdays. To this day my wife made me a delicious meat which compares the taste to that of my best friend. These fond memories remind me my friendI wish he could still be in my life. This emphasised on the article "how my student life was in Nigeria?  I am realis a friendly oriented person. I will always cherish all my memories with Kano.


Trips where the most interesting things I had in my campus life. We used to organize and enjoy adventures in various places. It was a quite interesting experience for most comrades. We enjoyed the sights of beaches and mountains. I remember the trip we had in the Adamawaa falls. I remember this moment I was accompanied with my girlfriend. It was really pretty scenery and we enjoyed the moment together.

The place was so beautiful and overwhelming. The fall was covered in ice and snow making it looks the most beautiful scenery in the world. I remember how I used to hold my girlfriend and kissed her fondly. It was a really cherishing experience. This trip was quite unbelievable. When I see the pictures I took with my girlfriend from the trip, the fond memories come along and I lack words for description.

I remember the mist from the falls which reflected making it spark in the air. The sight of the Adamawa falls made that night to be overwhelming beautiful. I could see from her eyes how she enjoyed this moment. She in many times asked me to take her to the most beautiful place I knew.

I remember writing an essay on this outing I had with my girlfriend. I noticed people around the fall were used to it and thus had lost appreciation for it. I also remember the trip we went to Kano plains but this time with my course mates. This was one of my most cherished experiences as a student. The plains were surrounded by the beautiful landmarks. My classmates took a joint photo. This experience made me write an essay on the magic of Kano plains scenery. I appreciated everything I saw and wrote about it. From this experience I was able to understand my love for the surrounding and taking pictures.


The typical scenario for me in most Fridays was: music blasting loudly from the hostel while the windows were up. I loved music while in student life. We enjoyed listening to loud music. Our neighbours would sometimes complain of the load music coming from our room. But most of the times we would ignore their pleas. We were also addicted with watching movies most probably movie series.

The music will fill us with joy, happiness and also comfort. I loved listening to cool music (I still do). There is this day I commemorate well. We were celebrating the birthday of my best friend Kano. I remember we decided to indulge in alcohol as a way of fully entertaining ourselves.

I remember hallucinating all the night of the bash and never knew what was going on with me. I was not sober surely. I came up with silly and at the same time funny stories in the period. They told me the next day that my stories were very weird after they listened to them. This is one thing I hate of drinking; hallucination.


Library was probably the most important place in my student life. I used to use it all the day. I could not live my student life in Adamawa campus without regular visits to the university’s library. I would always equip myself with broad knowledge using wide array of literature materials in this library. I would not be able to have the vast knowledge I have if it where for not that library. It helped me in one way or another to achieve my dream.

I remember I would always remember carrying my borrowing card all the time I went to the library. In most of the times, I used to borrow reading materials and enjoyed reading them. The grave silence of the library created a “studying” environment for us. However, I noted this trend: the population of students in the library reduced with the seniority levels. The population of the first year students was considerably high. It was apparent from my observation that the population of the fourth years was significantly small. But I guessed this was due to the increasing activities of the seniors in the institution.

Lovers’ day

I remember one of the most liked days in my years in the campus was the lovers’ day. I remember most of the comrades were always on the “highs” in this time. It was the time when most of the guys touched their girlfriends the most. It was a moment when guys used to hug each other more. It was a moment when many students were paying more attention than even in the class times.

This day shaped the way of most relationships in the campus life. However it was not the most important day in the campus, but it was the most loved day by many of the student. I also liked it as my fellow students. We would embrace our girlfriends fondly.

University elections

This was one of the toughest times in the university. I once wrote on the topic of election and found it intriging. Most of the comrades were dynamic throughout  this period. The period of campaigns was much interesting. As normal case, I was in the fore front campaigning for my fellow aspiring comrades. Automatically, I was hooked to the politics of the university since I was an ardent follower of Nigerian politics. One of the most interesting aspects of the election is that the president was most probably coming from the tribe of the local Adamawa State University. I would campaign strongly for my aspiring candidate and ensure he takes the throne.

Writing this easy on my personal experience was an interesting task for me. I first thought I would struggle on remembering my student life in Nigeria. I found I could hardly forget. Completing this paper makes me know that my memories on my student life in Nigeria is still afresh. In my life have been searching to figure out; how my student life in Nigeria was like.

From writing this essay I am able to understand that my campus life was quite interesting. I cherish all the memories of my student life. I was passionate and loved Adamawa State University. It is in this institution I discovered who I was. I discovered I am a curious, a person who loves having fun with friends. This institution also shaped my future. I understand that every person has a unique experience in his or her student life. Everyone has different view on how their student life was.

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