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How to Cite

When dealing with research papers, citation considered to be very crucial. The incredibility of the information contained is shown. Besides, acknowledgement of information presented by other authors is shown. Citations also introduce the effort the authors have taken in collecting her material. Where citation becomes a problem, specific tips are applied. For instance, the original form of the text is used without anything being altered. The citation is done at the end of the direct quotation for plagiarism avoidance. Besides the writing is done with one own word by making sure that the originals text meaning does not change. Citations are always included at the close of quoted texts to show the originality of the ideas.

In citations, mixed quotations are also important as they help in integrating the direct and paraphrased quotations.

This aspect contributes to invalidate the argument. Besides, plagiarism freeness is achieved. Where the tips become challenging to use, BuyEssayHub assists in giving better tips. Where all considerations are not met, the later will be a plagiarized work that might lead to failure.

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