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BuyEssayHub Disclaimer

Service Availability

At BuyEssayHub, there is striving to keep to keep the essay service. However, the company is not accountable regarding the cases where the writing services are unavailable for a particular duration. Notification is not given during denial of the site. During a contract period, no damages are a responsibility of BuyEssayHub.The personal views of BuyEssayHub encompasses the contents of the website.

Links Disclaimer

Focusing on the links disclaimer, there are web links that makes one reach the linked website, whereas leaving the BuyEssayHub in process. The company isn’t considerate with issues pertaining the third part websites. No validation is given by the company concerning information in the links.

Use of the Received Pieces of Writing

Regarding the received pieces of writing, ones is not allowed in the delivered work. Research purposes are strictly considered for the delivered work. Besides, plagiarism is not tolerated. The company follows the laws from the copyright and therefore no infringement is required. No responsibility is taken by the company and its associates regarding the issues of immorality and other misinterpretations of the company’s products.


Plagiarism, low grades among other consequences that arise from the immoral use of the companies texts is the responsibility of clients. Also, the company is not liable in the occurrences of technical problems that are caused when delivering products. Focusing on plagiarism, no cases should exceed 10% of the count. In addition, the cases of referencing and citations are not considered as plagiarized work.


Concerning payments, VAT is majorly used especially to customers from Europe.

Requests for a Refund and Revision

Revisions are done not more than three times. In cases where approval has been done, no refund nor review is entitled. Besides, after seven days of approval, revisions are not entitled.