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BuyEssayHub Terms Of Use

Buyessayhub is an online writing service trade name. Use of its services shows an aspect of agreement on the terms and conditions of the company. Under elderly clients are not allowed to use the website or rather do purchases from the organization. Submission of orders is done after fully understanding and agreeing to the terms and conditions. Different formats of citation are given to customers. For instance MLA, APA among others. Within the document, certain terms such as refers to a website, together with ‘’company being the limited online service among others.

Our services

Regarding the services, submission of the order results in purchases of products for personal use. Besides, transferring of products to the company’s website is done by the freelance authors. Phone calls are essential in confirmation of order from new clients. Therefore valid contacts are crucial. Services might be disregarded in the cases of unspecified connections. Also, exceeding of order prices beyond $300 results in the filling of other forms that may contain crucial information.


Regarding refunds, when the client feels the work provided is of substandard quality, the money back guarantee policy guarantees his full refund or free revisions are given. Focusing on copyright and personal use, delivering of unique products is guaranteed by the organization. Retaining of the distributed product copyright is done by the organization. The company has the right to do or disregard anything without any others consent. Insurance must be done by the corporation to avoid uncertainties in the cases of unauthorized people sharing the website.


Regarding plagiarism, withdrawal of individuals supporting it is done, especially during editing and proofreading. Besides, punishments are given to those who adhere cases of plagiarism. Also, names are not regarded in the research papers. Therefore, the company will always stick to its copyright laws. Also, the company holds no responsibility regarding accurate information from the website. Accountability is to the customer in the cases of punishment among other things. The company gives a guarantee of free plagiarism papers or rather less than 10%. Besides, all references are not considered as plagiarism.


Concerning guarantees, low grades doesn’t bring the cases of refund. Proper writing is done with all excellent writing styles.

Order placement

In order placement, the company’s online form is filled with all validations included. After that, there is an assurance of privacy. Emails are essential in the information together with contacts meant for urgency. Besides, plagiarism reports are offered by the company for client verification. All specifications are given in the order form, as there is no re-adding of information after the order is done.


Regarding payments, the charges are well provided on the company’s website. Timely orders are done after early payments are done.

Limitation of liability

Regarding the cancelation policy, it can only be done when late delivery is made, no revision is done, and cancelation of unassigned work among others. The dispute team decides on refunds. Regarding the completed product delivery, a preview is given to the client, who in turn decides o approval or revision. Besides, after approval, seven days are given to allow for review. Regarding the liability of the company, no event requires the company to be liable to accidents that appear on their website.